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Welcome to Kinder Planet

WELCOME to Kinder Planet - the Internet playground for families with little kids.  It's all here.  Check out our online kids games or download the web's top kids games.  We also have arts and crafts activities for kids, or you can listen to your favorite songs for kids.  You can also buy wonderful children's books through our book club.  Have fun!

Great downloads for kids


Download kids games
Get the best on the web right here.  Shareware, freeware and demos for kids.  We have only included the best kids games and educational software, so all the downloads are worthwhile.


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Online kids games
Kids games and learning activities you can play online.  Check 'em out!


Marble-effect picture dipping


Things to make and do
Children's arts and crafts and other things to build.  Choose an activity from our growing library.


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Listen to music
Try our online music library.  Lots of kids songs with words and music so you can sing along!  The dancing baby is from Skylight Productions.



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Buy books online!
Our book club has reviews of some of the best kids' books around.   Brought to you in association with Amazon.com. 


Make friends here!


Make friends right here!
It's easy!  We have a channel for kids and one for parents/carers too.


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Any feedback you have is welcome and appreciated.  Please email us.


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